What does my church do?

  1. We provide aid to those in need.

  2. We provide help to the elderly in whatever capacity we can.

  3. We keep in touch with our teens who has ventured into the busy world....college, work, prison, juvenile homes, nursing homes, hospitals

  4. We provide clothing and food for those in need.

  5. We help find the jobs for the unemployed...

  6. We seek to find shelter for the Homeless

  7. Counseling is available for married couples, drug addicts, abuse victims, abandonment, woman needs, man needs, youth counseling, rape victims, unwanted pregnancy, divorce, financial counseling, and bereaved families.

  8. Community Service- Through partnering with the people in the community, we minister by distributing food, medicine, providing transportation for elders, etc.

  9. Ministerial opportunities are available for members of Trinity Faith PCOG.  

Our Ministries

  1. Kingsmen fellowship

  2. Pentecostal Ladies Ministry

  3. Impact Youth Ministry

  4. Young Adult Ministry

  5. Counseling Ministry

  6. Entertainment Committee

  7. Pastors' Aide Committee

  8. Usher Ministry

  9. Home Missions

  10. Foreign missions

  11. Dorcas Ministry

  12. Sunday School Department

  13. Music Ministry