Senior Pastor Rev. Curtis V. Peart  & Family

Senior Pastor Rev. Curtis V. Peart & Family

Senior Pastor Rev. Curtis V. Peart

I was born in Manchester Jamaica to Arnold and Thelma Peart. I met and married my wife Collette on August 27th, 1972. We are the proud parents of four children and seven grand-children. We faced a devastating loss when our firstborn Son Richard St. Albin Peart died, leaving  behind a beautiful grand-daughter, Richelle Peart. Our first daughter Lavinia and son-in-law Tennyson Hurd now resides in Norwalk with their three beautiful children-- Allora, Trinity and Cameron. Our second daughter Rowena and her handsome sons: Brandon, Brian and Aaron, resides in the Bronx; and our last child, Natalie and her beautiful daughter Zenita also resides in the Bronx.  I migrated along with my wife and 3 children to New York City in 1982. Our daughter Natalie was born in the Bronx NY after our migration.

I received my Pastorate while attending the Caribbean Pentecostal College in Jamaica. I Pastored four different Churches in  Jamaica.  After migrating to the United States, I received a Bachelor's Degree from Chesapeake College. I received a Master's  Degree  of Counseling, Doctor of Divinity, Master in Psychology, and Doctorate in Theology from Canon University.  I was convicted by the lord to start my own ministry in the Bronx, NY. Initially, I struggled with this notion until the convicting power within urged me on.  From this point the church  now known as Trinity Faith PCG was chartered on November 18th, 1983 at 211th Street in the Bronx, NY. It is now located at 413 E 187th St and 1109 Burke Ave in the Bronx. 

Currently, I am serving as the Senior Pastor of Trinity Faith Pentecostal Church of God ,  along with my Associate Pastor Junior Demetrius. I am serving in the Pentecostal Church of God World Missions Department as the West Africa Field Supervisor,  and the England Field Supervisor since 2012. Please Click here to visit my Missions page. I am presently serving as the Presbyter of the PCG Northeast District Churches. 

I authored my first book "Is God Real or What?" which was published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises in 2012. Please do not hesitate to get a copy of this life changing book by clicking on the link on my page. My God -fearing, inquisitive nature, family virtues, and determination to serve God is the legacy I would like to leave all those who read my testimonies. My heart is for souls; "a soul won anywhere in the world, is precious to the Lord".