Our humble beginnings.....History of  211th Street

Rev Curtis Peart migrated along with his wife and children to New York City in 1982. After a while, he was convicted by the lord to start his own ministry in the Bronx, NY. From this point the church we now know as Trinity Faith PCG was born. Trinity was chartered on November 18th, 1983 . Rev. Curtis Peart started the ministry at 211th street in the Bronx with a few foundational members :Sis Zelma Peart, Sis Elizabeth Charlton (deceased), Sis Violet Pitt, Sis Graham, and Bro Gerald Bailey. The brethren put funds together and rented a church on 218th street in the Bronx.

History of  218th Street

 In 1984 the church at 218th St in the Bronx was rented from Pastor Owens. The board members were as follows: Pastor Curtis Peart, Sis Zelma Peart, Sis Violet Pitt, Bro Joscelyn Clarke, Sis Viola Brown(Secretary), Sis Joyce Clarke, Bro Timothy Gayle and a membership of 65. In 1985 there was a members meeting held with the Board and a decision was made to purchase the property at 413 E 187th Street.

History of 187th Street

 On January 24th 1986, the property at 413 East 187th Street Bronx, NY was purchased. The undersigned were Pastor Curtis Peart, Sis Sylvia Daniels, Sis Collette Peart, Sis Elizabeth Charlton(deceased), Bro Joscelyn Clarke, Sis Shirley Hansel and Clifford Lauden. Pastor Junior Demetrius became the Associate Pastor of Trinity Faith PCG in 1987.

1109 Burke Ave Beginnings

On September 13th 1999, the Church Board and the Members of Trinity Faith PCG met together and decided that since there is a need the Purchasing of 1109 Burke Ave was necessary. On May 4th 2000, the property at 1109 Burke Avenue was purchased. Then the Construction of our new facility began.

Our Mission and Vision 

As we watch our world plunge into the recanting of faith, the renouncing of absolute values, the rejection of truth, and the refusal to assume responsibility, we recognize that these days we are living in are surely the "Days of Opportunity" for the Church to make a powerful impact on our world. 

We at Trinity Faith Pentecostal Church of God, accept the commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ in Mark 16:15 to "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature". We take our mission very seriously. Be assured that "Reaping the Harvest" of souls for the Kingdom is our number one priority.
Our worship service here at Trinity Faith Pentecostal Church of God is in the characteristic of Holy Ghost Joy. Our utmost desire is to exalt the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior in Spirit and in Truth.

We believe in the power of the anointed Word. We dare you to fall asleep when the Word is preached here at Trinity. Be prepared to experience the move of the Holy Spirit in our meetings.
 We are moving forward in the Bronx. We encourage you to come and worship with us. Our ministry is geared towards caring for the entire family through Christian Counseling (marriage, children issues, family), Community Service (feeding the hungry, helping elders, health education and more), Home Missions, World Missions, Sunday School, Men's Fellowship, Women's Fellowship, and Youth Fellowship. Our doors are open wide to you.

 Come on in!!!.

Trinity Faith Pentecostal COG Choir