Missions - West Africa 

National Superintendent of PCG Ghana Bishop Pasival Fafalie Selly and His Wife Jennifer Emefa Selly.

National Superintendent of PCG Ghana Bishop Pasival Fafalie Selly and His Wife Jennifer Emefa Selly.

Pastor Curtis Peart of Trinity Faith PCOG was placed as PCG Field Supervisor for the West African Field. On his arrival in Ghana, he appointed and ordained Rev. Pascival Fafalie Selly as PCG Ghana National Superintendent for one year. Rev. Pascival Fafalie Selly was ordained as Bishop, and his wife Jennifer Emefa Selly as Pastor. In the PCG National Convention, Bishop Pascival Fafalie Selly was re-elected as PCG National Superintendent for Ghana, West Africa. Under his leadership the Church in Ghana grew from three churches to twenty-three Churches. 

PCG Ghana Building


Under the leadership of Bishop Selly and his wife Pastor Jennifer Selly, PCG Ghana purchased its first property and is now erecting a building. Funds are needed to carry on this Building. Please click here to send donations.

PCG Ghana Missions Vehicles


As the Field in Ghana grew, Districts were setup and Field Presbyters were elected. The vast distance between the Fields showed that there was a great need to make the Presbyters mobile. So in agreement with PCG Ghana, West Africa Field Supervisor Curtis Peart, Africa Area Supervisor Rev. Douglas Copp and the PCG World Missions Department, a decision was made to provide motorbikes for this Field. Thanks to the Trinity Faith PCOG Bronx NY, Ivanhoe Family Worship Center,

The Woodlake PCG, and the World Missions Board this project was partially accomplished. Seven  Motorbikes were donated to the Mission Field. These are now being used by newly appointed District Presbyters of the West African Field. We need three more bikes. If you would like to help, please click here to make a donation.


There was a great need for transportation for the PCG Ghana to transport the Congregation to and from Church. Trinity Faith PCOG in the Bronx donated this van.

Afram Plains District ( PCG farm project site ).

West Africa Field Supervisor Curtis Peart desires to help the Field in Ghana start a farming project. The land for this project is already purchased, but money is needed to prepare the field for cultivation and to purchase seeds. Please help. Click here to make a donation.


PCG Ghana now see the need to build sanitary convenience in some of the poor villages in Africa. The cost of erecting 1 toilet is $2000 US. Please help. To send donation please click here.

This is one of the five new churches we have under construction at Dzodze district according to our report. We are currently under financial pressure to see these construction completed since we are in the rainy season now. I will therefore appeal for your assistance of $2,500 to help us provide a place of worship for these brethren before the major rain sets in. Thank you and may the Lord bless you. To send donation please click here.